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Hobo Boat - Napa - S

Hobo Boat - Napa - S

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The hobo bag, inspired by a boat, has always been exploring its own path.
When the shoulder strap unfolds, it can be worn under the arm, and when it is folded, it resembles a curved boat gracefully gliding on the wrist.
The side of the bag narrows and widens, following the curves of the handle, creating endless dynamic movements.
From the curves to the overall space of the bag, there are agile and lively variations.

To Know Yourself, to understand yourself, accept yourself, and be whole, is a topic that requires long and necessary exploration, taking a lifetime to truly achieve.

-Material:NAPA Fine Leather
-Dimension: W 22cm*H 11cm* D 6cm
-Weight: 0.27kg

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