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Clouds Gazing upon Flowers Mini Sunset

Clouds Gazing upon Flowers Mini Sunset

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Theme Series: Flowers in Mist

Flowers in the mist are like hidden treasures, blooming with soft colors, telling deep stories.
As we admire the flowers in the mist, we are also observing our own hearts.
In the misty and gentle colors, feel the different moods of each person.

The lovely MINI bag clashes with low-saturation colors, exuding a soft charm,
Standing out vividly and interestingly.

Vintage yet cute Mini bag, easily accessorizes daily life.
The delicate body can also showcase a romantic posture on banquet days.

calfskin has fine vertical stripes, with clear and visible texture.
The leather is delicate yet glossy, stiff yet rich in texture.

-Material: Fine Leather
-Dimension: W 12cm*H 10cm* D 4.5cm
-Weight: 0.16kg

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