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Clouds Gazing upon Flowers Camera Bag

Clouds Gazing upon Flowers Camera Bag

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Playfully Versatile,Vibrant colors bring lively vitality to the camera bag,As if springing out from a garden, blooming uniquely in life.

Inspired by the classic Leica M camera's curved side profile,It is a rectangular rounded bag with streamlined beauty.

Adorned with pop-art style raised semicircular lens decorations,It embodies the timeless beauty that withstands the test of time.

Crafted from delicate matte top-grain calfskin, it exudes unique charm;Simple and unadorned, it embodies the beauty of returning to nature and authenticity.

-Material: Fine Leather
-Dimension: W 16cm*H 8cm* D 7cm
-Weight: 0.325kg

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