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Clouds Gazing upon Flowers Book Lock Baguette Bag-Mini

Clouds Gazing upon Flowers Book Lock Baguette Bag-Mini

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Book-shaped Lock
Drawing inspiration from the form of a book, it transforms into a unique book-shaped lock imbued with distinctive memories.
With its patented appearance, it serves as a representative symbol of A.Cloud.

The classic French stick bag clashes with low-saturation colors, exuding a soft charm.
In everyday wear, it acts as a highlight, creating a unique and vibrant feeling.

The rounded arc-shaped body is a timeless style.The MINI small French stick bag is lightweight, perfect for comfortable daily outings.

The shoulder strap is made of genuine calfskin, with fine vertical grain lines and a clear texture.The leather is delicate yet glossy, enhancing the comfort of carrying the backpack.

-Material: Fine Leather
-Dimension: W 15.9cm*H 8.4cm* D 4.1cm
-Weight: 0.215kg

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