Balance Collection

Find the perfect balance between vintage, classic and contemporary style. Taking inspiration from the 2001 movie, Space Odyssey, the balance collection features a beautifully designed group of leather top handle bags in a palette of neutral and classic hues.
Using vintage-inspired closure detailing paired with clean, minimalist shapes and lines, the collection epitomises the A.Cloud brand identity. The unique equilibrium of retro and contemporary aesthetics makes every piece of this collection a timeless and effortlessly wearable accessory for a modern wardrobe.

Double Personality Collection

Coined by the idea of every person having more than one personality in this modern world, the double personality collection was created. Each piece contrasts colour palettes and beautifully crafted shaping to piece together two asymmetrical ideas into one perfectly finished accessory. Also inspired by the Movie, Fight Club, as two souls inhabit one body, the bags reflect both conflicting souls within one piece.
The collection features two stunning styles, both of which can be worn as a chic and modern clutch bag or a vintage-inspired shoulder bag.