A.Cloud designs timelessly stylish, yet functional handbags for independent women. Finding the perfect balance between unique style and wearability, A.Cloud values high quality above all and aims to create contemporary handbags with a touch of retro aesthetic. Using only the finest leather for every design, each bag is handmade by A.Cloud’s own eco-friendly factory.

Introduction to Leather

From fabric selection to final product checks and inspections, quality is at the heart of A.Cloud’s contemporary designs. This starts with the high-quality leather that is sourced from France, Italy and the U.S.

Finding and selecting only the best standards of leather, A.Cloud then often dyes the fabric to create unique and statement handbags. Using carefully chosen and environmentally safe dying methods is a major part of the A.Cloud brand ethos and its factory ensures eco-friendly practices at every stage, including the purification of water waste.

Product Care

Taking care of your A.Cloud handbag is made easy because of the stunning quality of leather selected for each and every design.

To ensure you keep your leather handbag looking perfect for longer, use a simple damp cloth to wipe down your bag occasionally, which will softly buff the leather and bring it back to life, gently removing any small marks.

Helping to keep your bag in shape when not in use, simply remember to stuff the main compartment of the bag, which will also help keep your bag in top condition if you ever require packing into luggage.

Lastly, invest in a professional leather cleaner for marks or grease stains rather than attempt to use an agent that may worsen the mark.

Metal Hardware Features

Several A.Cloud handbags feature chic metal hardware detailing features. Whether these are found to secure the straps and make wearing the handbag more comfortable and versatile or to stylishly fasten the bag at the front, all hardware is handcrafted in stainless steel (?). This ensures zero discolouration and a beautifully clear shine for as long as you wear your A.Cloud bag.

Factory Introduction

A.Cloud’s own eco-friendly factory has immersed itself in the research and development of modern manufacturing technology, while simultaneously favouring handmade, elite craftsmanship that makes it unique to other comparable production units.